Fire Suppression
DET-AC Fire Suppression

The DET-AC III is a fire alarm, smoke detector and extinguisher system. The chemical extinguisher medium NOVEC™ 1230, is stored in liquid form, and flows into the enclosure as a gas. It is non-conductive and leaves no residue, so it won’t damage the hardware inside the enclosure.

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  1. Part No. 7338121
    H: 44 mm (1.7 ˝) D: 660 mm (26 ˝)
    Fire alarm and extinguisher system DET-AC III Master
    Compact fire alarm and active extinguisher system with smoke extraction system with 1RU...
  2. Part No. 7338321
    H: 44 mm (1.7 ˝) D: 660 mm (26 ˝)
    Add-on unit DET-AC III Slave
    Used in conjunction with the DET-AC III slave system. Extinguishes up to five bayed enclosures.
  3. Part No. 7338221
    H: 44 mm (1.7 ˝) D: 490 mm (19 ˝)
    Early fire detection system EFD III
    The EFD system is a compact 19", 1 U early fire detection system with active smoke extraction...
  4. Part No. 7338130
    Pipe kit For DET-AC III/EFD III
    Pipe kit for the fire alarm and extinguisher system DET-AC III Master and early fire ...
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