Perfect Grip for Ease of Access

Handles on the Comfort-Panel and Optipanel facilitate ergonomic positioning of the enclosures for different users. Other handle systems may be attached to the flat surfaces of any enclosures.

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  1. Part No. 2389000
    Handle set
    For vertical and horizontal mounting on all surfaces.
  2. Part No. 6107000
    Corner handle
    Mounted on corner of housing or on a straight surface (handle holder turned thru 90°).
  3. Part No. 6107100
    U handle
    Mounted on straight surfaces.
  4. Part No. 6107200
    U handle
    Mounted on straight surfaces.
  5. Part No. 6375010
    Handle set for Comfort Panel
    Mounted on corners, also suitable for retrofitting.
  6. Part No. 6731120
    TP aluminum strip
    Prevents wiring plans etc. from slipping.
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