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Rittal’s wallmount enclosures and junction boxes are quality-engineered with a secure locking system, foamed-in-place gasket and knife-edge perimeter. Ruggedized construction includes a body constructed of cold -rolled steel, steel doors and zinc-plated mounting panels. 

NEMA-Rated Designs include: 

  • Carbon Steel 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Disconnect Solutions 
  • Junction Boxes 
  • Enclosure Accessories 

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Top Wallmount Security Considerations

There’s no question that the contents of your enclosures are important. Are those contents properly protected? In addition to protecting against environmental hazards, it’s important to protect against other unauthorized or unwanted entry. There are several options for protecting and controlling access to your wall-mounted enclosures. Simply throwing a lock on your enclosure is not […]
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Wallmount Enclosure Material Selection

When specifying an enclosure, there are many questions an engineer must consider, even if the system design may seem straightforward. What is your enclosure protecting? How large does it need to be? What kind of climate control is necessary to protect the components? What accessories do you need for it to function properly? What material […]
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Considerations for Outdoor Wallmount Enclosures

Wall-mounted enclosures are versatile housings for a variety of sensitive and critical control, automation and electronic components. There are many considerations when selecting and outfitting compact enclosures, but when the enclosure will be installed outdoors, there are additional considerations due to weather, low-security locations and temperature fluctuations. When specifying an outdoor enclosure, consider the material […]
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How to Improve Efficiency in Compact Enclosures

Industry 4.0 is driven by the need for efficient processes. That’s why engineers and plant managers alike are looking to downsize their products and systems while increasing the performance of their facilities. From IoT-enabled platforms and Edge computing technology to cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0 will continue to be fueled by smaller electronics.   To house these compact technologies, businesses need equally compact and efficient enclosures. By optimizing internal capacities to take up less space on the plant floor, these smaller enclosures enable:   Better utilization of space  More mounting capabilities  […]
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7 Wallmount Accessories for Better Enclosure Performance

In their effort to keep your electronics and critical process equipment safe, wallmount enclosures face numerous challenges. From extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, to caustic washdowns and hazardous airborne particulates, an enclosure must be built to withstand the operating conditions of the specific environment that it’s put in. But your wallmount isn’t alone. There […]
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The Importance of Material Selection in Wallmount Enclosures

When designing a compact enclosure, material selection matters. The materials you chose will impact the lifespan, functionality, and performance of the sensitive electronic and automation components housed within the enclosure. You can’t afford to put any of that at risk. Enclosure materials include a range of metal and non-metal options, including carbon and stainless steel, […]
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Wallmount Enclosure Comparison

AE/WM Compact Enclosure Overview

Rittal Configuration System video

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