Updated coronavirus customer information

In a time of so much uncertainty, it‘s common to look for a sense of reassurance as well as a source of strength. Rittal North America is here for you. As many of you have heard in the media, several states have issued a “Shelter In-Home” or “Stay at Home” order that is negatively impacting supply chains and operations.

Rittal North America is deemed an “essential business” in these states, which allows Rittal to continue its operations accordingly. We have taken significant actions and measures to ensure the wellbeing of our team members, partners, and customers, during these unprecedented times. While supply chain interruptions are possible, Rittal Executive Management is keenly aware of the challenges and has taken multiple aggressive measures to ensure supply wherever and whenever possible. Rittal has the supply chain strength to weather the impact of the COVID 19 disruptions. We have built up a significant inventory and continue to work multiple contingency plans. Our functional organizations and teams have been mobilized and are available to support your needs. Again, Rittal North America is deemed an “essential business,” and we are here to help our team members, customers, and partners accordingly.

What safeguards are in place?

The US team is assessing the situation daily and has developed measures to act quickly and appropriately during this changing situation.

The safety of our customers, team members, and their families is our highest priority, and as such, we have put multiple hygiene and safety procedures in place. Some examples include eliminating non-essential travel, limiting access to our facilities, and intensifying sanitization systems to reduce the risk of contamination. We are maintaining proper distances on our manufacturing lines and requiring employees who feel sick to stay home. And for our office staff, where possible, they have been asked to work from home. We will continue to adhere to social distancing practices and shelter in place orders as set up by local governments and the US CDC.

What about delivery?

Despite the restrictions due to the epidemic, we continue to deliver on time to our customers. We will continue to address this daily, and should the delivery situation change, you will be notified.

Our product management and supply chain teams are in frequent contact with our local and global supply base partners to rectify disruptions to the supply chain and schedule replacement deliveries from other regions should the situation arise.

We will continue to assure the availability of our products, provided that any action being taken against the virus does not have any more of an impact on manufacturing and logistics. Please bear with us and be aware that the situation regarding COVID-19 – and thus the consequences for the industry – cannot yet be predicted with greater precision.

Do you have any questions?

Our customer service team is still working and would be happy to give you additional information should you need it.

Email: customerservice@rittal.us

Phone: 800-477-4000

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