There’s no question that the contents of your enclosures are important. Are those contents properly protected?

In addition to protecting against environmental hazards, it’s important to protect against other unauthorized or unwanted entry. There are several options for protecting and controlling access to your wall-mounted enclosures. Simply throwing a lock on your enclosure is not enough. Our enclosure security experts recommend that you build in multiple levels of security in order to stop anyone who is not authorized from accessing the sensitive electronics and controls inside of your enclosure.

The infographic below provides guidance on the top considerations for securing your enclosures including lock inserts, visible padlocks, double-bit locks and metal-hull construction.

Robust locks and durable construction are the top factors in securing your wallmount enclosures against unwanted access. In order to make sure that your enclosure provides the best efficiency and performance, check out our Wallmount Buyer’s Guide.

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