Tips For Job Applications

Every application is as unique as the person submitting it. That’s why we carefully check every application we receive in person and in total confidentiality. Working closely with the department, we’ll keep you up to date about the next steps in the selection process.

Our expectations

Use your application to give us a detailed impression of your personality and skills. Refer specifically to the post you want to take up and stick to the really important information.

Why are you applying? What are your personal strengths and what makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Ultimately, it is quality that counts, not quantity.

How do I apply?

Please use our online application function. The Application Wizard will help you send us all the relevant information quickly and securely. That saves time, money and paper – for both of us.

There are deliberately very few mandatory fields in our application process. You decide what information you want to send us. The upload function offers a simple and convenient means of uploading key documents such as a CV as attachments.

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