SimplicITy – A Flexible Rack Solution


Why go through the hassle of purchasing your enclosure piece by piece when there is a simpler solution? Rittal’s SimplicITy line of enclosures come with your favorite accessories installed and ready for deployment. SimplicITy offers you a competitive solution, reduces waste at the site, and allows for a faster consistent assembly with the quality you expect from Rittal.

SimplicITy data enclosures are ready to ship and easy to order. Currently available in 20 different sizes, they come with our most popular accessories already installed, including Casters, PDU brackets, Leveling Feet, Cable Management Wall, and a low-profile handle with locking inserts.

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Enclosure Climate Control: The Best Solution for Cooling the Closet

Just a couple IT racks? With the right cooling, you can put them just about anywhere. “What climate control options do I have to cool equipment in a small space, like the classic `IT closet’? The building AC does not allow me to optimize the temperature in that room.”
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Enclosure Cooling: Why Building AC Isn’t The Best Way to Cool IT Equipment

Closet Data Centers Are At Risk for System Failure. Liquid Cooling is the Cure. Any discussion about today’s IT spaces, especially for the enterprise data center, either focuses on or eventually comes down to cooling efficiency. Because of the significant cost (about 40% of their total energy bill) to keep equipment in large centers at […]
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Enclosure Cooling Solutions: Thinking About All That Hot Air?

Data Center Cooling: Q & A with Rittal Below is an interview with Herb Villa, Senior Solutions Consultant at Rittal. Villa has extensive experience in data center design and deployment, and applies his knowledge of cabling, power distribution and climate control to help customers gain efficiencies and maximize uptime.
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Wallmount Enclosure Material Selection

When specifying an enclosure, there are many questions an engineer must consider, even if the system design may seem straightforward. What is your enclosure protecting? How large does it need to be? What kind of climate control is necessary to protect the components? What accessories do you need for it to function properly? What material […]
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Built to Brave the Elements: Understand Enclosure NEMA Ratings

Your enclosures must be built to withstand the elements when located outdoors or even harsher, challenging environments inside facilities with washdown requirements. Your enclosure protects your electronics and controls from environmental conditions that include dust, water, oil and coolant, but it also protects against electrical shock as well. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association sets the […]
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Edge Computing 101

The Basics of Edge Computing Edge computing has taken the IT environment by storm. In 2018, 10% of enterprise–generated data was created and processed outside the traditional centralized data center or cloud; by 2025, Gartner says, that figure will be 75%. In terms of revenue, MarketsandMarkets expects the global market to go from 2019’s $2.8 billion […]
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Rittal SimplicITy enclosures, are ready to ship, and come pre-configured for your Edge needs.

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