Data infrastructure equipment is subject to an array of physical threats, in addition to the danger of network intrusions and Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks. As with any physical asset, it is important to manage risks associated with fire, theft or vandalism. Rittal offers a comprehensive range of monitoring and access solutions to provide peace of mind over assets in remote locations.

As a data center’s size grows, so can the complexity of the equipment needed to monitor environmental conditions and control access. Rittal’s CMC III system solves this problem by using a CAN bus to support serial connection of multiple monitoring sensors to a central point.

The system collects numerous essential statistics, making them available for further processing by the network management system. In addition, the system allows IT managers to monitor all data center environmental conditions from a centralized position. Find out more.

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Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security
From fire suppression to secure door access, all controlled via a central control system.

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