PrimeXpress Program

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Enclosure Modification for Carbon and Stainless Steel Wallmounts, Junction Boxes, TS 8 and SE 8 Enclosures

Rittal builds enclosures. In fact, we build thousands of the most innovative enclosures world-wide, every day. We also realize that you may have a project that demands something different... and we know how to build that too.

  • Rittal’s PrimeXpress will build and provide modified wallmount enclosures, junction boxes, and SE 8 / TS 8 products in both carbon and stainless steel.
  • Meet virtually every specification your project may require. With hundreds of enclosures and hundreds of accessories, Rittal can turn your project around quickly.
  • By soliciting customer feedback, Rittal has streamlined the order placement process. Pricing and the specifying process have all been refined and simplified with one goal in mind, delivering the perfect enclosure to the customer as fast as possible.
  • State-of-the-art equipment provides precise cutouts and drilled holes exactly where you need them from the 1st box to the 100th and beyond!
  • Build time and profitability back into your enclosure build projects when you leverage the PrimeXpress program.

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