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Therm Software

Calculation program for the climate control of enclosures

Download Version 6.6 Now*

Therm Online**

Therm takes care of the complex calculation of climate control requirements and guides you to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned climate control component. At the end of the calculation, you receive detailed documentation. This provides maximum peace of mind when calculating climate control components.

All evaluations are based on the requirements of IEC/TR3 60890 890 AMD 1 and DIN 3168 for enclosure cooling units. A calculation of the overtemperature to IEC 61439 may be generated in Therm with a single click.

* Requirements for offline version (User Manual)

500 mb free workspace

UTF8-capable browser, tested are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 51.0

CPU with 2,0 GHz frequency

For Windows 7 or 10:

  • Dual-Core or equivalent processor
  • 1 or 2 GB RAM

** Requirements for online version

UTF8-capable browser, tested are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
Power Engineering

For easy configuration of Ri4Power low-voltage systems

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Quick, simple switchgear planning

  • For Ri4Power low-voltage switchgear and RiLine60 busbar systems
  • Simple selection and graphical positioning of assemblies
  • Automatic generation of component parts lists
  • Access to the full range of Rittal products
  • Multi-lingual program prompting

Configuration of RiLine60

  • Configuration of RiLine60 busbar systems in the Top enclosure system TS8
  • Easy selection of devices and adaptors
  • Integral switchgear database from well-known manufacturers
  • Automatic calculation of rated currents and heat losses

Assembly planning made easy

  • Automatic generation of field-specific assembly plans
  • Support with preparation and assembly
  • Direct allocation of components to the installation point
  • Efficient, systematic assembly

Program interfaces

  • Eplan Electric P8 export interface
  • Export of parts lists in MS Excel format
  • Tender texts in MS Word format
  • Import/export interfaces for data maintenance
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