Rittal Webinar Improving Data Center Power Usage
May 5, 2015 / by Rittal Marketing

April 28, 2015 – Schaumburg, IL –  Rittal Corporation (www.rittal.us), the world’s largest enclosure manufacturer and a leader in competent thermal management of electrical, electronic and IT equipment, will offer a preview of how the IT infrastructure will have to develop to meet the growing demand for information in all forms during a “Datacenter Dynamics” webinar to be held live at 7 am Pacific on May 5th. This one-hour program will then be made available for replay thereafter.

Herb Villa, senior IT solutions engineer for Rittal, will discuss how to improve “Power Usage Effectiveness” (PUE) as data centers become more standardized. (Register for “A pPUE Approaching 1: Fact or Fiction?” at www.datacenterdynamics.com/webinars)

“End users are moving beyond traditional IT space and demanding more flexibility as their needs change,” Villa says. “A smart modular system will enable IT to grow with the business, from racks to full-fledged data centers. Doing this cost effectively, however, will require a smarter use of power.”

Villa will describe how to develop efficient solutions for rack, suite and room cooling. This continues to represent one of the most energy-consuming parts of the IT infrastructure—second only to server


demand. According to Villa, IT cooling must be separated in two parts:

  • the generation of cold and
  • cooling’s distribution inside the data center

Villa will discuss the concept of rear-door heat exchangers (RDHx) and how they have evolved. RDHx is a scenario in which servers take in cold air through perforated front doors of the server rack while air baffle plates at the rear of the server rack guide air flow directly to the RDHx. The IT equipment, using fans to control air flow, guides the heated air over the high performance RDHx, where the air is cooled and returned to the data center. This scenario uses the air flow of the IT equipment without requiring additional fans for heat removal.

Villa says that whether end users retrofit an existing data center or build a new data center equipped with medium/high density racks, energy savings must be the priority as the demand for data continues to rise.

Rittal provides high-quality and secure IT infrastructure components, systems and solutions, not only for IT and office environments, but also for production environments at industrial enterprises. These offerings start at the IT enclosure, and include the climate control and power distribution, to the complete data center. Particular attention is paid to improving efficiency, reliability and resiliency. Depending on the application category and IT variant, Rittal’s IT enclosure solutions provide IP55-level protection. Of particular interest to IT professionals is Rittal’s RiMatrix S, the industry’s first mass-produced data center solution, pre-fabricated for rapid deployment at customer sites.

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