Rittal Unveils Online Selector Tool for Large Enclosures
September 24, 2015 / by Rittal Marketing

September 28, 2015 – Schaumburg, IL – Rittal North America (www.rittal.us), the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical enclosure cabinets for power distribution systems, climate control systems and IT infrastructure for multiple industries, has created an online Selector Tool to use when specifying and ordering racks and cabinets. The tool, created as part of Rittal’s online support programs for its TS 8 enclosure system, can be found at http://www.rittal.com/de_de/ts8_se8_configurator/.

The TS 8 enclosure, Rittal’s flagship product with more than 10 million units sold to date, is a freestanding enclosure used around the world in industries from Food and Beverage and Oil and Gas to IT applications in Education and Business. Capable of a vast array of design variations and modular configurations with numerous accessories, the number of possible iterations of the TS 8 are measured in the millions. With that level of variety, the large enclosure Selector Tool assists designers and engineers and buyers determine TS 8 specifications in a simpler manner that requires less time.

“The large enclosure selector allows a designer or engineer to very easily select the right Rittal enclosure and matching accessories, “ explained Troy Miesse, North American Systems Consulting at Rittal North America. “Starting with whether you want the cabinet to bay or not, the selector tool walks the user through a series of radio button choices and drop-down options that quickly presents the perfect configuration for the user’s needs. The user can then request a price quote for that specific design, transfer the order list to an online shopping basket, or download the parts list of all the pieces required for that configuration. It’s an incredible time saver and very easy to duplicate again and again as needed once you have the model number of the enclosure you wish to use.”

Featuring design options to add Flex-Block or standard plinths, system lights, side panels, alternative handle systems, wiring plan pockets, single or double doors and more – all including detailed photographs for greater design understanding, Rittal’s Selector Tool for large enclosures is available to anyone with no registration or cost. Multiple language options are also available for international customers.


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