Mobile Apps

How much can you save on cooling costs? With the Rittal ChillZone application, you can calculate potential energy savings with their "Blue e" and "Blue e+" series cooling units. This quick step by step tool takes into account, polar-zone, electricity pricing, usage, model, and more to calculate cost savings versus competitor data. Other calculation options include adding in an exact part number of the competitor’s device, or an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) to calculate the results.

The Therm App handles the time-consuming process of calculating climate control requirements for individual enclosure assemblies. With its fast selection feature, the app provides a compact variant of the full software version.

A user-friendly interface guides the operator in 5 easy steps to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned climate control component.

The chiller app is your tool for determining the exact cooling output you require quickly and easily.
A user-friendly interface guides you to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned chiller (with outputs that range between 1 to 40 kW) by following a four-step interactive process

The Rittal Industrial Enclosures Selector for iOS is an easy-to-use tool to find your next Rittal Wallmount or Freestanding enclosure for a variety of applications. Equipped with a part finder, the app greatly simplifies identifying the right enclosure for your application. In addition to determining Rittal part numbers via the finder, there is also an intuitive competitive cross reference tool, and a mapping feature that allows you to quickly find the closest Rittal distributor near you in both the United States or Canada.

With the Blue e+ app parameter and device data of the Blue e+ cooling unit are transferred between the smartphone and the cooling unit via NFC connection. This device data and extended information about maintenance and troubleshooting is displayed on the smartphone. The app enables time savings when reading the units, superior operational reliability thanks to improved error and maintenance management and direct links to online shop and service team.

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