Managed Data Centers


Grow Your Data Center with Rittal

Rittal answers the challenges of managed data center growth with our broad suite of solutions, positioned to help managers improve their operational efficiency. We help deliver service consistency, control costs and lower the learning curve for facility maintenance operators.

Rittal partners with your managed data center to maximize profit potential with reliable solutions that work for today and expand for the future.

Rittal supports data center growth with:

  • TS IT modular enclosures
  • In-row cooling technology
  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • UPS power solutions

Key Trends Driving
Colocation Growth

Companies ranging from the Fortune 500 down to small businesses are turning to colocation providers to help them manage their data. For businesses, colocation companies provide all of the benefits of proprietary data centers without the capital investment and logistical challenges of owning and managing their own facility. As data centers are tasked with handling an unprecedented amount of data, colocation providers are leveraging:

Colocation centers provide multi-factor physical and data security, including biometric entry, CCTV monitoring and monitoring at the rack level. Data security is monitored in real time, and can be remotely monitored by the enterprise.

Future-Proof Design
IImplement sizes above 47U and 2-compartment racks in modular configurations. These building block designs allow for evolving customer needs and growth challenges 5–10 years into the future.

Profitable Growth
Growth has to scale to account for exponential cost per foot. Modular infrastructure ensures service consistency, controls costs and lowers the maintenance costs for facility maintenance operators.

Many companies find it difficult to address energy efficiency while also addressing day-to-day operational demands. Colocation operations are focused on PUE and reducing their carbon footprint. Facilities that drive down their energy costs are able to pass along the savings to customers through aggressive pricing models.

Rittal SimplicITy enclosures, are ready to ship, and come pre-configured for your Edge needs.

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