Large Enclosures


Enclosures for Every Design, Every Environment, Every Challenge

As manufacturing scales for growth, control and operation systems become integral to driving efficiency and productivity. And the backbone for mounting and protecting systems is the modest enclosure.

Industrial enclosures act much like a safe or strongbox to mount and protect your electronics, process controls, power systems and other business-critical equipment. This storage and protection can be installed almost anywhere on the plant floor and is delivered in a single footprint.


For Flexibility, Choose an SE 8 Freestanding Enclosure

If you’re looking for greater durability and customization, look to the SE 8 freestanding enclosure. A dual-access enclosure with a removeable mounting panel makes it easy to install and access. It also provides flexibility with front and rear access, and a reversible door to accommodate modifications over the lifecycle of the enclosure. The strength and interior mounting are handled by the roll-formed frame section of the enclosure; this creates improved durability and 30 percent more internal space than standard industry enclosure mounting panels. The SE 8 is available in carbon or stainless steel and single- or double-door configurations.

A variety of interchangeable accessories are available, including:

  1. Plinth, cable base and flex-block
  2. Locking system
  3. Comfort handle, inserts
  4. TS 8 interior system accessories
  5. Swing frames, chassis, rails and partial panels
  6. Lighting and grounding systems
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