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Rittal enclosures are quality-engineered to meet the strict global hygienic standards of the world’s leading food processing, packaging and safety organizations. Protecting sensitive production controls and IT equipment is what Rittal does better than anyone else.

Rittal helps food and beverage production facilities operate efficiently, meet regulatory standards and maintain product safety. Rittal enclosure, climate control, power distribution and IT solutions incorporate these principles to help ensure your success.

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Nestlé, Switzerland: Hygienic Design at the Research Center

Food hygiene. The Nestlé Product Technology Centre (PTC) in Orbe, Switzerland, is the group-wide research and development center for coffee, chocolate drinks and malt beverages. Nestlé demands state-of-the-art process technology, high availability and hygienic design from its suppliers when purchasing new machines. Enter Rittal. “We simply want to acquire the best and most modern products […]
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Dairy Market Strives Towards Compliance And Market Demands

The U.S. Dairy Export Council is bullish on dairy.1 So, too, is TATA Consultancy2, a multinational leader in IT, digital and business services based in Mumbai. Both believe that despite a currently tough domestic market, U.S. dairy prospects are positive for global growth in developing countries. The global dairy industry is expected to grow at five […]
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Food & Beverage Industry: Hygienic Design Deliver Cleanliness And Compliance

In food and beverage (F&B) production facilities around the world, cleaning and sanitization are just as vital to an organization’s success as the taste and texture of the products they produce. Although cleaning adds no direct value to a product, the cost of failing to do it properly can be enormous, both in terms of […]
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