EPLAN Platform

EPLAN Software & Service is one of the world’s leading service providers for developing CAx, configuration and mechatronic solutions and advises companies on how to optimize their engineering processes.

EPLAN Electric P8

CAE software solution for the plan­ning, documentation and ad­minis­tration of electrical automation pro­jects

EPLAN Pro Panel

CAE software solution for the 3D engineering and verification of control cabinets and switchgear, including access to device data


CAE software solution for the con­fi­gu­ration and documentation of fluid systems for hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication

EPLAN Preplanning

EPLAN Preplanning is a CAE software solution for the technical preplanning of machines and plants.

EPLAN Data Portal
Integrated, web-based data portal providing access to up-to-date device data from leading component manu­facturers

EPLAN Engineering Configuration

Functional, mechatronic con­fi­gu­ration solution for consistent sales and production management pro­cesses

EPLAN Harness proD

CAE software solution for the ef­ficient 3D/2D designing and docu­men­tation of cables and cable har­nesses

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