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How can EPLAN benefit me?

EPLAN provides software and service solutions for electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering, including design software for machine and panel builders. EPLAN’s design tools can make your organization more efficient in design, but they also flow seamlessly through the Rittal Automation System equipment, all the way through to the Rittal enclosures themselves. Performing modifications or wiring a panel can become a seamless process with EPLAN integrated into your workflow.

How do I start?

Your vision is essential to strategy, and in order to implement this strategy you need to make sure it’s going to work.

While you may have a lot of ideas on how to make your company and team more efficient, your team is bound to have some opinions as well. Their opinions are especially important for testing out new processes and products as they will be the ones using them. If you haven't taken time to sit down with your team about what goals you're looking to accomplish, now is the time.

The EPLAN Guided Trial team of experts can help you with this daunting task.

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EPLAN Guided Trial

Discover which products you will get to know with the trial:

EPLAN Electric P8

EPLAN Electric P8 supports your electrical controls design for machines and plants in a consistent, integrated and fast engineering system. The software supports a variety of engineering methods, from manual creation to standardized, template-based work.

EPLAN Pro Panel

EPLAN Pro Panel lets you design and build control cabinets, switchgear systems and power distribution systems for energy supply, all in 3D. This allows you to tackle a number of various engineering tasks in just one software program.

EPLAN Data Portal

The time you save with the EPLAN Data Portal at the beginning of the design phase continues to have an effect all the way through to commissioning: the representation of a device in different system layouts is always based on a single source.

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