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As manufacturing scales for growth, control and operation systems become integral to driving efficiency and productivity. And the backbone for mounting and protecting systems is the modest enclosure.

Industrial enclosures act much like a safe or strongbox to mount and protect your electronics, process controls, power systems and other business-critical equipment. This storage and protection can be installed almost anywhere on the plant floor and is delivered in a single footprint.

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Wallmount Enclosure Material Selection

When specifying an enclosure, there are many questions an engineer must consider, even if the system design may seem straightforward. What is your enclosure protecting? How large does it need to be? What kind of climate control is necessary to protect the components? What accessories do you need for it to function properly? What material […]
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Built to Brave the Elements: Understand Enclosure NEMA Ratings

Your enclosures must be built to withstand the elements when located outdoors or even harsher, challenging environments inside facilities with washdown requirements. Your enclosure protects your electronics and controls from environmental conditions that include dust, water, oil and coolant, but it also protects against electrical shock as well. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association sets the […]
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How to Improve Efficiency in Compact Enclosures

Industry 4.0 is driven by the need for efficient processes. That’s why engineers and plant managers alike are looking to downsize their products and systems while increasing the performance of their facilities. From IoT-enabled platforms and Edge computing technology to cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0 will continue to be fueled by smaller electronics.   To house these compact technologies, businesses need equally compact and efficient enclosures. By optimizing internal capacities to take up less space on the plant floor, these smaller enclosures enable:   Better utilization of space  More mounting capabilities  […]
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Video: See How Rittal SE 8 Compares to unibody enclosures

Video: Steve Sullivan Compares the Rittal TS 8 enclosure against the Hoffman G2

Video: Unparalleled enclosure quality


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