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As manufacturing scales for growth, control and operation systems become integral to driving efficiency and productivity. And the backbone for mounting and protecting systems is the modest enclosure.

Industrial enclosures act much like a safe or strongbox to mount and protect your electronics, process controls, power systems and other business-critical equipment. This storage and protection can be installed almost anywhere on the plant floor and is delivered in a single footprint.

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South Coast Controls Improves Conveyor Efficiency and Operations

Attention to the finest details of clients’ needs has elevated South Coast Controls (SCC) as a valued partner to many of its customers. For 30 years, this family company has deliver value-added services for customers purchasing pneumatic equipment and manufacturing control systems. Its expertly designed systems help improve the operational efficiency of its clients, who […]
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South Coast Controls Is Driven by Its Customer’s Needs

Attention to the details of their clients’ needs has elevated South Coast Controls (SCC) to the elite among control panel engineering corporations. For 30 years, this family company has manufactured and delivered expertly designed systems that meet the needs of its clients who consistently return with new projects. Soon after it was incorporated, SCC became […]
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Case Study: How Modular Enclosures Benefit the Beverage Industry

Deutsche Beverage believes that behind every great beer is a great brewing system. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company was founded on quality, customer service and leading technology to help its customers manufacture beer, wine, liquor, and coffee. However, they see huge growth in the beer market, particularly craft beers. Craft breweries are cropping up all […]
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