EDGE Computing and Uncontrolled Environments

Edge computing is speeding up communication by bringing the IT network closer to the data to reduce latency and increase real-time analysis, lowering costs in operations and data management. Critical data remains local, reducing security risks, addressing bandwidth limitations and latency time. With the deployment of IoT, edge computing speeds the process of collecting data from smart sensors across the miles.

Edge is small in scale (usually under 10 racks) but mighty in information. It is designed to be placed in any environment and location, not requiring all the traditional support structure of a larger white space data center.  With the Edge design, Rittal brings power, efficiency and reliability on-site at a fraction of time and costs versus traditional builds.

Redundancy in an edge system allows other IT assets to remain fully functional and operational, even if one device fails. Eliminating downtime of the line, preserving key data and rapid response all contribute to a healthier bottom line. Rittal knows businesses are shifting from enterprise to edge, and we understand the emerging standards to simplify your deployment.

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