Edge Data Center Solutions


Rittal: A Vital Partner in Edge Computing

Edge computing is speeding up IT by bringing the network closer to the data to reduce latency and increase real-time analysis. From the plant floor to the subway tunnel and remote desert solar installations, the Internet of Things (IoT) is integrating sensors, data and systems to help decentralize and localize control over the systems that run the world today.

Rittal supports Edge installations with:

  • Rack level and In-row cooling technologies
  • TS IT modular enclosures
  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • UPS power solutions

3 Edge Cooling Challenges…

Edge cooling introduces new challenges to the complexity of IT equipment cooling, including:

  1. Dynamic Temperatures: 
    Fluctuating ambient air temperatures can shorten the life of components. 
  2. Future-proofing:
    Small, confined micro data centers can impact scalability when adding equipment or planning for future growth.
  3. Increased Power Density:
    Power density is not easily managed with large room cooling designs, which can impact growth.

…And How Rittal Helps

With thousands of installations in the globe’s toughest, uncontrolled environments, Rittal can offer the same trusted quality to tackle Edge-related problems, such as our:

  1. Full Line of Accessories:
    Cooling solutions include in-rack air flow management and AC units designed for fluctuating IT loads; in addition, enclosures are NEMA-rated to protect against dusty, damp environments.
  2. Scalable Solutions:
    In-row cooling scales to match evolving equipment configurations to protect future growth.
  3. Closed Loop Cooling:
    Closed loop solutions handle large thermal loads and power density challenges without the need for aisle containment cooling systems.
  4. IoT Interface:
    Blue e+ module measures enclosure temperatures and connects to IoT devices to provide centralized management.

Rittal can help bring your business, and your network, to the Edge.

Rittal SimplicITy enclosures, are ready to ship, and come pre-configured for your Edge needs.

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