Data Center Thermal Management


From the Data Center to the Edge, Rittal Has You Covered

Rittal helps data centers improve the energy efficiency of their climate control solutions, and protects network equipment from thermal overloads and catastrophic downtime. Our cost-efficient solutions include:

  • LCP Rack and Inline DX
  • LCP Rack and Inline CW
  • Rack-mounted Blue e+

All of Rittal’s cooling solutions are compact and scalable for a variety of data center or edge applications.

Changes to data center environmental conditions are being driven by the need to save energy and reduce operational expenses. ASHRAE, the standards society, has helped drive international standards for thermal management.

Key Considerations:


Percentage of total energy costs that cooling represents.


Air- and water-side economization are growing in adoption.


Water-side economization uses outside air to chill liquid through an air-liquid heat exchanger.


As Data Centers’ temperature rises, so do the standards.

Blue e+ 1600kw Cooling Unit Overview

Learn More about the IoT Module for Blue e+

Rittal LCP DX 20kW

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