Data Centers

The unique challenges in data centers are answered with Rittal’s broad suite of solutions, positioned to help managers improve their operational efficiency. As data center managers weigh the cost of scaling their facilities and “future-proofing” their infrastructure, modular enclosures become integral to the calculation.

For space efficiency, Rittal’s modular enclosures are the building blocks. In a multi-tenant data center, rapid scaling to meet client specifications is simplified using available configured racks with most common accessories pre-installed. Rittal’s modular enclosures are the building blocks to meet the evolving requirements of customers and growth challenges 5-10 years into the future.

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Server Enclosures

Server Enclosures
Preconfigured, modular enclosures for your data center.

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security
From fire suppression to secure door access, all controlled via a central control system.

NEMA & IP rated
Server enclosures in protection categories.

Power Products
PDU options to power your server enclosure.

Close Coupled Cooling
Proven refrigerant and water-based cooling options.

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