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Rittal answers the unique challenges in colocation with our broad suite of solutions, positioned to help data center managers improve their operational efficiency. We help colocation managers to deliver service consistency, control costs and lower the learning curve for facility maintenance operators.

Rittal partners with your colocation center to maximize profit potential with reliable solutions that work for today and expand for the future.

Rittal supports colocation growth with:

  • TS IT modular enclosures
  • In-row cooling technology
  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • UPS power solutions

Recent Posts

Deploying IT Equipment in Uncontrolled Environments

The Edge can lead to some dark and ugly places You know the picture: A nicely lit white space with ample space surrounding IT equipment in a comfortable environment. Nice, right? But this is not always the case for customers deploying IT loads closer to their point of use. These applications, referred to as Edge […]
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Metro Data Center Offers Colocation to Dublin, Ohio, and Metropolitan Area

Businesses, Schools, and Governmental Agencies Flourish with Dublink 100GB Broadband Network in Place. Metro Data Center (MDC) was established in 2011 in Dublin, Ohio. The company is a full-service hosting and data center that specializes in serving the data needs of small- to mid-sized businesses (SMB), as well as local schools and governmental agencies. MDC’s […]
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EDGE “Driving” Industry Automation

WANTED: Energy efficiency. Cost effectiveness. Streamlined operations. Climate controlled. An international automobile manufacturer, with operations in Southern California, was looking to bring IT processing closer to the factory floor as it implemented advanced automation. Constructing a completely new facility with IT integrated next to manufacturing equipment was out of the question, so the automobile company […]
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Rittal SimplicITy enclosures, are ready to ship, and come pre-configured for your Edge needs.

How to: Installing a partition wall on IT enclosures

How to: Installing a cable management on IT enclosures

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