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Rittal answers the unique challenges in colocation with our broad suite of solutions, positioned to help data center managers improve their operational efficiency. We help colocation managers to deliver service consistency, control costs and lower the learning curve for facility maintenance operators.

Rittal partners with your colocation center to maximize profit potential with reliable solutions that work for today and expand for the future.

Rittal supports colocation growth with:

  • TS IT modular enclosures
  • In-row cooling technology
  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • UPS power solutions

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2021 IT Enclosure Planning: Quickly Grow Your Infrastructure When Needed

Adapt Your IT Infrastructure With Confidence You are an IT Manager or Facility Manager and have the primary and critical responsibility for keeping vital investments up and running (and growing, when necessary); maintaining the 100% availability with resiliency your business demands. You also understand that tomorrow will bring new technologies, applications and end user demands, […]
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Climate Control at the Edge

Handling Cooling at the Edge Intro: Edge computing is becoming more and more common because of its many benefits to users, but how do you remove heat from these deployments? Cooling the equipment at the Edge is really no different from traditional data center cooling, but requires solutions that align with environmental factors and with […]
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Where is the Edge?

Where is the Edge? Ask 10 people what the Edge is, and you just might get 10 different answers. In reality, there is one Edge. Watch the video or read the transcript to better understand why, when it comes to removing heat from these deployments, it matters little where your Edge is located…it just matters […]
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Rittal SimplicITy enclosures, are ready to ship, and come pre-configured for your Edge needs.

How to: Installing a partition wall on IT enclosures

How to: Installing a cable management on IT enclosures

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