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Rittal meets the demand for reduced energy consumption with greener solutions and reduced costs. Our cost-efficient solutions include:

  • Filter Fans
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Units
  • Heaters
  • Air to Water Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Climate Control Accessories

5 Benefits of the Blue e+ Over Traditional Enclosure Cooling Systems Over Traditional Enclosure Cooling Systems

The Blue e+ is a new generation of cooling units that deliver unparalleled energy efficiency with speed-regulated components and patented heat pipe technology.



  • Standard cut-out sizes in enclosure doors and side panels make installation and service quick and simple.
  • A secure and accessible USB interface allows for efficient diagnostics using monitoring software. The data is gathered at a glance, including temperature and efficiency and more for all operating units.
  • A touch-screen display on the front of all units provides all relevant information.
  • System messages appear as plain text and are multi-lingual.
  • Standardized communication interfaces also ensure easy integration in a production plant’s control systems.


  • Hybrid technology combines active, compressor-based cooling with a passive-cooling heat pipe.
  • Using both active and passive cooling circuits provides greater energy efficiency and decreased electrical use.


  • Thermal management protects sensitive components and extends their service life.
  • Blue e+ ensures a more stable, constant temperature compared with traditional cooling systems.


  • Different applications require different power sources such as 115V, 230V, or 400/460V. Using inverter technology, Blue e+ air conditioners have multi-voltage capability allowing them to work with virtually any standard voltage.
  • OEMs and distributors simplify inventory by needing to stock only one item.
  • Logistics is also simplified by reducing the number of device variants and spare parts.
  • The Blue e+ cooling units offer cooling capacities up to 6,000 watts and can be used in environments ranging from -20°C to +60°C.


  • IoT-enabled climate control can know the current and expected temperatures and adjust fans or other cooling accordingly.
  • Blue e+ module or Blue e adapter enable data from cooling units and chillers to be used in IoT environments to provide centralized management, custom alerts, and better integration.

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