Climate Control at the EDGE: Thermal Solutions for EDGE Deployments
August 11, 2017 / by Rittal Marketing
Topics TS 8 Webcast

This seminar will focus on climate control solutions for Edge deployments.  These installations will be moving out of the traditional data center/IT space; now migrating to remote locations in harsh environments from the factory floor to offshore oil platforms to underground in re-purposed mines.
As IT applications and hardware continue to evolve, where these products and services will be deployed is changing dramatically as well—including deployment in spaces that may not have sufficient heat removal and climate control.

In this webinar you will:

  • Review the Edge Installation and Cooling checklist of requirements to understand how to successfully navigate these new installation environments and conditions.
  • Learn how to evaluate the variables in your Edge Cooling.
  • Ensure compliance with ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines and resources.
  • Examine cooling choices and how to make them.Join us to ensure you are ready to meet the demands of next generation IT infrastructure installed at “The Edge.”

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