The World Leader in Climate Control Efficiency


Rittal meets the demand for reduced energy consumption with greener solutions and reduced costs. Our cost-efficient solutions include:

  • Filter Fans
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Units
  • Heaters
  • Air to Water Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Climate Control Accessories

Rittal designs are also compact, scaled down to the enclosure level. Let our expertise guide you through the decisions which will match your custom thermal management needs.

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Metro Data Center Offers Colocation to Dublin, Ohio, and Metropolitan Area

Businesses, Schools, and Governmental Agencies Flourish with Dublink 100GB Broadband Network in Place. Metro Data Center (MDC) was established in 2011 in Dublin, Ohio. The company is a full-service hosting and data center that specializes in serving the data needs of small- to mid-sized businesses (SMB), as well as local schools and governmental agencies. MDC’s […]
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EDGE “Driving” Industry Automation

WANTED: Energy efficiency. Cost effectiveness. Streamlined operations. Climate controlled. An international automobile manufacturer, with operations in Southern California, was looking to bring IT processing closer to the factory floor as it implemented advanced automation. Constructing a completely new facility with IT integrated next to manufacturing equipment was out of the question, so the automobile company […]
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SimplicITy – A Flexible Rack Solution

Ever changing technology requires flexible enclosure systems for many different applications. Cabinets must be able to accommodate the evolving requirements of the server and network gear – variable widths and depths, installation flexibility and baying versatility. It is vital that enclosures have cable management options, efficient use of interior space and reliable thermal management. Only […]
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Edge Computing

With the growth of Artificial Intelligence or AI machinery that takes in information, learns and makes decisions, Edge computing will become not only necessary, but mandatory. The need to process data at the source to ensure acceptable performance will continue to grow with AI and AI will only be able to grow as fast as […]
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Hybrid Cloud Explained

It seems like data is becoming as valuable as the air we breathe.  We are constantly connected to everything: our friends, families, data and even our houses.  I can turn my vacuum on from work and tell my house to cool down or warm up.  We now have the ability to access data across multiple […]
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Rittal, Structuring for Success

When I think of Rittal, I think about the story describing your house on sand vs. rock. Can you imagine spending years and months to build and construct your entire data center and then housing your servers, switches, cooling, and power in the sand? Neither can I. Structure – The act of constructing a complex […]
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