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Rittal meets the demand for reduced energy consumption with greener solutions and reduced costs. Our cost-efficient solutions include:

  • Filter Fans
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Units
  • Heaters
  • Air to Water Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Climate Control Accessories

Rittal designs are also compact, scaled down to the enclosure level. Let our expertise guide you through the decisions which will match your custom thermal management needs.

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IT Enclosures and IP Ratings: Why They Matter

Why IP Ratings Matter for IT Enclosures The release of Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max models in late 2018 came with much fanfare about the phones’ water-resistance – the devices were promoted as having an IP68 certification, indicating that they could survive being submerged in water up to 2m in depth for 30 minutes […]
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The Factory of the Future, Today: How IoT-Enabled Climate Control Makes Plants Smarter

Automation is a target that many in the industrial sector are chasing. However, converting existing facilities into smart facilities can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. For a company to implement smart manufacturing, its machinery and equipment must be able to communicate with each other and across a network. Many in the industry are beginning to invest in […]
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Why Your Facility Needs a Climate Inspection Today

Climate control is critical to automated systems. Excessive heat and fluctuating temperatures can ruin electronics, impairing their operations and lowering the service life of electrical equipment. Even just a 5–10 degree increase in the operating temperature of a device over an extended period of time can affect its speed and reliability, with solid–state devices starting to break down and fail at temperatures exceeding 120° F.   Temperature-related damage to equipment is far more […]
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Achieve Better Climate Control for Enclosures

Every manufacturing plant and industrial factory relies on computers and other vital electronics to stay operational. It’s simple – if any of your critical electrical systems fail, your plant can’t keep running, and you stop making money. With downtime easily costing tens of thousands per hour, the cost of failure can add up quickly. That’s why, to keep your electronics safe, you need […]
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The Cooling Solutions You Need for Your Outdoor Enclosure

Keeping your outdoor electronics and critical process equipment safe is essential to the success of your business. When your equipment fails, and your systems go down, you’re not making money. It’s important for you to protect your critical components with the right enclosures to ensure that your outdoor equipment, and your business, stay up and running.   Enclosures alone aren’t enough to prevent downtime. You need to integrate your enclosures with industrial climate […]
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Beat the Heat with the Right Climate Control Solution

Managing Thermal Fluctuations Extends the Life of Your Controls Heat is the enemy inside your enclosure. It attacks your controls and electronics while shortening their service life. Temperature can assail your equipment from all sides — on the outside from ambient temperature fluctuations, and inside with high density, high thermal loads. In thinking about climate […]
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