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  1. Part No. 4050219
    Cover: No
    Power Supply For assembly frame
    Power pack for battery charging station for assembly table 200 EN and 300 ENH.
  2. Part No. 4050220
    Cover: No
    Roller conveyor For assembly frame
    Allows the mounting plate to be insert from the side of the enclsoure direclt from the...
  3. Part No. 4050221
    Cover: No
    Bracket set For assembly frame
    For secure fixing of the mounting plate to the assembly frames.
  4. Part No. 4050222
    Cover: No
    Connection Adapters for power supply
    Adapter plug for the power supply to assembly tables 200 EN and 300 ENH.
  5. Part No. 4050300
    Cover: No
    Assembly frame
    The assembly frames are mobile, tiltable and (depending on the version) height-adjustable...
  6. Part No. 4054600
    Cover: No
    Side cutters
    For copper and aluminum conductors
  7. Part No. 4054650
    W: 53 mm Cover: No
    Cable cutter
    For copper and aluminum conductors
  8. Part No. 4054660
    W: 50 mm Cover: No
    Cable cutter
    For copper and aluminum conductors
  9. Part No. 4054700
    Cover: No
    Electric cutter
    For cutting copper, aluminium, Kevlar and plastic.
  10. Part No. 4054750
    Cover: No
    Electronic side cutter
    With pointed head, angled at 21° and with small chamfer
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