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  1. Part No. 4050216
    Cover: No
    Wire roll holder For assembly frame
    For adapting wire coils or spools on the assembly frames.
  2. Part No. 4050217
    Cover: No
    Rechargeable battery For assembly frame
    Battery to fit electrical tilt/height adjuster for assembly frame 200 EN or 300 ENH.
  3. Part No. 4050218
    Cover: No
    Screw adapter for spindle stroke
    For attaching to assembly frame spindle drive using a cordless screwdriver. To fit assembly...
  4. Part No. 4050219
    Cover: No
    Power Supply For assembly frame
    Power pack for battery charging station for assembly table 200 EN and 300 ENH.
  5. Part No. 4050220
    Cover: No
    Roller conveyor For assembly frame
    Allows the mounting plate to be insert from the side of the enclsoure direclt from the...
  6. Part No. 4050221
    Cover: No
    Bracket set For assembly frame
    For secure fixing of the mounting plate to the assembly frames.
  7. Part No. 4050222
    Cover: No
    Connection Adapters for power supply
    Adapter plug for the power supply to assembly tables 200 EN and 300 ENH.
  8. Part No. 4050230
    Cover: No
    Perforex BC 2014 HS Machining center
    For simultaneous machining of multiple enclosure panels up to 2200 mm high.
  9. Part No. 4050235
    Cover: No
    Comfort clamping
    Clamping system for convenient clamping of flat parts measuring 1700 mm and upwards on...
  10. Part No. 4050315
    Cover: No
    Perforex LC 3030 Laser center
    Perforex laser centers have been developed specifically for the automated mechanical ...
  11. Part No. 4050317
    Cover: No
    Roof-mounted Perforex LC laser center for Perforex LC 3030
    Roof-mounting of machine housing for Perforex LC laser center with integrated intake ...
  12. Part No. 4050318
    Cover: No
    Thread cutting option
    Thread cutting option for Perforex LC laser center including thread tap with clamping...
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