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  1. Part No. 4050010
    Housing machining
    Machine equipped with door and pneumatic clamping unit. The corresponding contact surface...
  2. Part No. 4050020
    Motorized depth adjustment
    Equipment for cube machining by means of electrically operated depth adjustment with ...
  3. Part No. 4050022
    Extension of depth adjustment
    Equipment of the machine with a contact surface of 2000 mm instead of the standard 1600...
  4. Part No. 4050035
    H: 1700 mm (67 ˝)
    Clamping height extension
    Equipment kit clamping height extension for the Perforex BC machining centers.
  5. Part No. 4050101
    Perforex BC 1001 HS Machining center
    All AE and TS 8 enclosures can be easily and quickly machined.
  6. Part No. 4050107
    Perforex BC 1007 HS Machining center
    Motor-powered depth adjustment ideal for working on AE, TS or CM enclosures.
  7. Part No. 4050108
    Perforex BC 1008 HS Machining center
    Ideal for machining fully-welded enclosures.
  8. Part No. 4050230
    Perforex BC 2014 HS Machining center
    For simultaneous machining of multiple enclosure panels up to 2200 mm high.
  9. Part No. 4050235
    Comfort clamping
    Clamping system for convenient clamping of flat parts measuring 1700 mm and upwards on...
  10. Part No. 4050315
    Perforex LC 3030 Laser center
    Perforex laser centers have been developed specifically for the automated mechanical ...
  11. Part No. 4050317
    Roof-mounted Perforex LC laser center for Perforex LC 3030
    Roof-mounting of machine housing for Perforex LC laser center with integrated intake ...
  12. Part No. 4050318
    Thread cutting option
    Thread cutting option for Perforex LC laser center including thread tap with clamping...
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