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  1. Part No. 4050435
    Wiring duct cutter Manual
    Manual wire duct cutter with hand lever operation and anodized, laser-engraved length...
  2. Part No. 4050505
    Athex TC 80 CS Terminal configuration machine
    Automated cutting to size of support rails and equipment as well as marking of terminals
  3. Part No. 4050520
    Magazine For terminal blocks
    The magazine is used to hold terminal blocks or other components that are suitable for...
  4. Part No. 4050522
    Magazine support
    Enhance the flexibility of the Athex TC 80 CS terminal block assembly machine with a ...
  5. Part No. 4050524
    Laser labeling system
    Laser labeling system of the Athex TC 80 CS terminal block assembly machine for identifying...
  6. Part No. 4050526
    Rotating device
    For use on alternate sides of terminal blocks.
  7. Part No. 4050528
    The 2D code scanner is used to manage and activate terminal magazines in the Athex TC...
  8. Part No. 4050530
    2D scanner software
    Separate scanner software for the management and activation of terminal magazines.
  9. Part No. 4052480
    Hex wrench set For Allen screws
    Hex wrench with optimum, narrow-tolerance hexagonal profiles and precise ballhead geometry....
  10. Part No. 4053450
    Interchangeable screwdriver set Uninsulated
    13-piece tool set with ergonomic, folding and lockable handle.
  11. Part No. 4054030
    Flex crimping tool For wire end ferrules
    For crimping wire end ferrules without an insulating sleeve according to DIN 46228 Part 1...
  12. Part No. 4055000
    Manual hydraulic punch
    For punching round, square and rectangular cut-outs
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