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  1. Part No. 4050010
    Cover: No
    Housing machining
    Machine equipped with door and pneumatic clamping unit. The corresponding contact surface...
  2. Part No. 4050020
    Cover: No
    Motorized depth adjustment
    Equipment for cube machining by means of electrically operated depth adjustment with ...
  3. Part No. 4050022
    Cover: No
    Extension of depth adjustment
    Equipment of the machine with a contact surface of 2000 mm instead of the standard 1600...
  4. Part No. 4050035
    H: 1700 mm (67 ˝) Cover: No
    Clamping height extension
    Equipment kit clamping height extension for the Perforex BC machining centers.
  5. Part No. 4050101
    Cover: No
    Perforex BC 1001 HS Machining center
    All AE and TS 8 enclosures can be easily and quickly machined.
  6. Part No. 4050107
    Cover: No
    Perforex BC 1007 HS Machining center
    Motor-powered depth adjustment ideal for working on AE, TS or CM enclosures.
  7. Part No. 4050108
    Cover: No
    Perforex BC 1008 HS Machining center
    Ideal for machining fully-welded enclosures.
  8. Part No. 4050130
    Cover: No
    Functional table
    Can be used for transporting the necessary materials and tools to a building site or ...
  9. Part No. 4050210
    Cover: No
    Assembly frame extension For assembly frame
    For extending working space for assembly tables 150 MN, 200 EN and 300 ENH to a maximum...
  10. Part No. 4050211
    Cover: No
    Enclosure set For assembly frame
    For secure attachment of an enclosure on the assembly tables.
  11. Part No. 4050212
    Cover: No
    Wire guide For assembly frame
    For convenient handling of wires on assembly table 150 MN, 200 EN or 300 ENH.
  12. Part No. 4050213
    Cover: No
    Clamping unit For assembly frame
    For secure fixing of the mounting plate to the assembly frames.
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