TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure

TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure

Offering mechanical interlock where doors cannot be opened while system is energized and all doors must be closed to power the system ON. Simplified installation, slimmer flange door providing access behind the operator handle. Adapter plates for high and low amperage handles available.

9951144 / H: 2000mm (78.74") W: 800mm (31.50") D: 800mm (31.50")

DescriptionIncludes operator handle interlocking kit to securely lock most commercially available operator handles to enclosure and door latch
BenefitsA rigid trim door to accept a variety of high and low amperage operator handles
Blank adapter plate option for non-disconnect conversions
Easy-to-follow installation instructions for a variety of operator handle manufacturers
Enhanced and greatly simplified hardware installation
Expandable and modular enclosure compatible with all standard TS 8 accessories
Hinged and side access behind the operator handle cutout to make mounting the operator handle and connecting hardware easier
Optional high amperage adapter plate allowing future system upgrade without performing additional cutouts in the field while maintaining Type 12 rating
Reduced width hinged trim door design for more usable panel mounting space
ApplicationsThe below operating handles represent the most common applications. Most commercially available operator handles will fit as well. Please contact Rittal if you have a specific model not shown
Low AMP Operator Handles
- Allen Bradley: 140G (≤400A) 1494C (≤200A) 1494F M1/P1/S1 1494U H M1/P1/S1 1494V (≤200A) 194R
- Eaton: C361 C371 Flex Shaft CH
- Square D: 9422 Type A1/A3/A9 9422 Type A2/A4/A10
High AMP Operator Handles
- Allen Bradley: 140G (600 - 1200A) 1494C (400 - 600A) 1494F M2/S2 1494V (400 - 600A)
MaterialMounting plate: Carbon steel 3.0mm
Door: Carbon steel 2.0 mm
Enclosure frame: Carbon steel 1.5 mm
Rear wall: carbon steel 1.5 mm
Roof: Carbon steel 1.5 mm
Base plates: Carbon steel 1.5 mm
Surface finish Door roof and rear panel: Dipcoat-primed powder-coated on the outside textured paint
Enclosure frame: Dipcoat-primed
Mounting plate and base plates: Zinc-plated
ColorRAL 7035
Protection category IP to IEC 60 529IP 55
Protection category NEMA:NEMA 12
Supply includesMounting plate
4 eyebolts
Rear panel
Enclosure frame TS 8 with doors and roof plate
Flange Door with Low Amperage Adapter Plate pre-installed
Gland plate
Padlock Comfort handle
Ride-Up Roller 4538000 pre-installed
DimensionsHeight: 2000 mm (79 ")
Width: 800 mm (31 ")
Depth: 800 mm (31 ")
Number of doors1
Packaging unit1 pc(s).
Weight/packaging unit136 kg (299.8 lb.)
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Pos. Name Shop Valid From Model No.
10 Support Strips for TS, SE, CM, TP
- 4697000
30 Gland plate for TS
- 5050012
40 Clips for base plates
- 8800075
50 TS punched rail, 18 x 38 mm
- 8612280
60 Mounting plate for TS
- 5050062
70 Mounting plate attachment for TS
- 5050063
75 Grounding screws for TS
- 5050416
80 IP 55 roof plate, closed for TS
- 9671688
90 Eyebolts for TS, SE
- 4568000
100 Rear panel for TS
- 5050065
110 Rear panel fastening for TS
- 5050420
115 Side panel fastening for TS
- 5050066
140 Spring Washer For TS locking rod
- 8800070
160 130° hinges
- 8800020
170 Lock components for TS, TS IT, SE
- 8800040
200 Adjacent door lock component for two-door TS
- 5050149
210 Accessory bag for TS
- 5050070