Liquid Cooling Package LCP Inline CW

Liquid Cooling Package LCP Inline CW

Bayed climate control designed for siting within a bayed enclosure suite. The hot air is extracted at the rear of the unit, cooled and then expelled forwards to the cold aisle.

3311530 / H: 2000mm (78.74") W: 300mm (11.81") D: 1200mm (47.24")

Dimensions300 mm (12 ")
Air throughput unimpeded air flow4800 m³/h (2825.2 cfm)
Temperature range+15°C
Dimensions1200 mm (48 ")
BenefitsBy using high water inlet temperatures the proportion of indirect free cooling is increased which in turn reduces operating costs
Fan modules configurable as n+1 redundancy.
Maximum energy efficiency due to EC fan technology and IT-based control
Minimal pressure loss at the air end which in turn minimizes the power consumption of the fans
Optimum adaptability due to dynamic continuous control of the cold water volume flow
Targeted cooling output thanks to modular fan units
The separation of cooling and enclosure prevents water from entering the server enclosure
Redundant temperature sensor integrated at the air end
Ideal for use in conjunction with a heat pump as the LCP CW glycol versions generate high return water temperatures
Improved heat recovery through high water return temperatures when using LCP CW glycol versions
Optimum access for maintenance and service from the front and the rear
Standard 3-phase connection for electrical redundancy
Tool-free fan module replacement
Up to 53 kW cooling output on a footprint of just 0.36 m²
Rated operating voltage230V 1~ 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature control2-way control ball valve
Infinitely variable fan control
Cooling mediumWater
Type of connection (electrical)Connector
Duty cycle100 %
Water connectionsDN 40 (G 1½" external thread)
Packaging unit1 pc(s).
Weight/packaging unit216 kg (476.2 lb.)
Customs tariff number84158200
IT MonitoringDirect connection of the unit via SNMP over Ethernet
Integration into RiZone
Monitoring of all system-relevant parameters such as server air intake temperature server waste air temperature water inlet/return temperature water flow cooling output fan speed leakage.
ETIM 6.0EC002515
VariantRow Cooling
ETIM 5.0EC002515
eCl@ss 8.0/8.127180712
Total cooling output30 kW
eCl@ss 7.0/7.127180712
EC fanyes
eCl@ss 6.0/6.127180712
eCl@ss 5.1/5.1.427180712
Product description (long)SK LCP Inline CW Air/water heat exchanger for bayed suite cooling Mounted on the side of the rack 200 mm set forward The hot air is drawn in from hot aisle at the rear of the device and expelled at the front into
Total cooling output/number of fan modules required10kW / 1
20kW / 2
30kW / 3
Fans may be exchanged with the system operationalyes
Installation in bayed enclosureProtruded
ColorRAL 7035
Dimensions2000 mm (79 ")
Function principleThe hot air is drawn in from the room or hot aisle at the rear of the device and expelled at the front into the cold aisle after cooling. With this product a raised floor is not necessary
OptionsDirect connection of additional CMC III sensors is also possible
Racks 2200 mm high
Protection category IP to IEC 60 529IP 20
Number of fan modules in supplied state1
Air throughput unimpeded air flow4800 m³/h (2825.2 cfm)
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Pos. Name Shop Valid From Model No.
1 Control module for LCP
- 3396683
1 Control module for LCP
05/01/2013 3398195
2 Water control module for LCP
05/01/2013 3398196
3 Control module fan for LCP
- 3396685
3 Control module fan for LCP
05/01/2013 3398197
4 Radial fan
- 3396687
10 Power pack
- 3396731
30 Inrush current limiter for LCP
- 3398199
90 Ball valve
- 3396689
100 Leakage sensor
- 3396688
110 Flow meter
- 3396690
120 Flow meter
- 3396729
130 Temperature sensor
- 3396692
170 Temperature sensor Water inlet
- 3396693
180 Temperature sensor Water return
- 3396694