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SimplicITy – Is Pre-Packaged Better?
SimplicITy – Is Pre-Packaged Better?
The end of the day has finally come and you breathe a sigh of relief and pack up your belongings to head home. As you’re picking up your phone, you notice a text from your child asking what you are having for ...
SimplicITy – A Flexible Rack Solution
SimplicITy – A Flexible Rack Solution
Ever changing technology requires flexible enclosure systems for many different applications. Cabinets must be able to accommodate the evolving requirements of the server and network gear – variable widths and depths, installation flexibility and baying versatility. It is vital that enclosures h ...
Edge Computing
Edge Computing
With the growth of Artificial Intelligence or AI machinery that takes in information, learns and makes decisions, Edge computing will become not only necessary, but mandatory. The need to process data at the source to ensure acceptable perf ...