TS8 Colocation Enclosure - 9963772

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Product Features

2200mm ( 86.6") X 600mm ( 23.6") X 1050mm ( 41.3")

(4) 10U Compartments 


64% perforated for optimum airflow 

2 point latch on each compartment for optimum security

TS8 Comfort handle with lock insert 

Optional individually keyed compartments available 

Can convert a multi-door cabinet to a single door cabinet when requirements change. 

Can be either right hand or left hand hinged 

Internal hinges for optimum security


EIA Rails
2 Pair per compartment

Printed U markings on both the front and rear rails simplifies equipment installation 

Each compartment has independently /Infinitely depth adjustable rails

 Rapid adjust rails available

Security Divider shelves between each compartment prevents unauthorized access to other compartments


Weight capacity 3200# 
Cable Access through the roof or the base


Baying Brackets

Part Number Description
      8800490 TS - External Baying Connector

Cable Security Kit

Part Number Description
      9962842 Cable Security Kit for 4-Door colocation cabinet

Quick Adjust Rail

Part Number Description
      9962845 Quick Adjust EIA Rail Kit for 4-Door Colocation

Comfort Security Handle

Part Number Description
      9963601 Comfort Security Handle, TS with 3 digit combination - RAL9005


Part Number Description
      9969355 TS8 Sidewalls, 2200x1050mm, Sand Texture Black

Partition Wall (Cabinet Divider)

Part Number Description
      9971047 Cable Pass Through Partition Wall, 2200 x 1050, Sand Texture Black
* For a more comprehensive selection of accessories, see Catalog 33.

Catalog Page(s)

Catalog: Data Center Enclosures, Racks & Accessories (pg. 15)
Catalog: North American Catalog 33 (pg. 139)
Catalog: Make IT easy - Enclosure, Power and Cooling Solutions (pg. 15)

User Guides

9963772.pdf (1.35 MB) Installation Instructions
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Rittal Drawing Format PDF
9963772_1.dwg (1.45 MB) Drawing

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