THERMOSTAT 24-230V AC/DC - 3110000

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Thermostat for fans and heaters, 115/230V AC, 24/48V DC
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Product Features

70mm ( 2.8") X 70mm ( 2.8") X 24mm ( 0.9")


Ideal for controlling filter fan units, heaters and heat exchangers, this thermostat can also be used as a signal generator for monitoring the enclosure internal temperature.


Technical specifications




  • Bi-metal sensor as a temperature-sensitive element with thermal feedback
  • Contact population: Single-pole change-over contact as a quick-break contact
  • Permissible contact load:
    • Category 5 – 3 (heating)
    • AC 10 (4)1) A,
    • DC = 30 W
    • Category 5 – 4 (cooling)
    • AC 5 (4)1) A,
    • DC = 30 W
    • (1)) = Inductive load at cos ? = 0.6
  • Setting range +5°C to +55°C (41°F to 135°F)
  • Weight approximately 105 grams (3.7 oz)
  • Dimensions 71 x 71 x 33 mm (2.8 x 2.8 x 1.3?)
  • Switching difference approximately 1 K ± 0.8 K
  • A broad voltage spectrum, just one modelcovers 24 to 230 V.
  • Time-saving connection technique using a terminal strip with a screw connection from the outside.
  • Flexible mounting on a vertical or horizontal 35 mm (1.4?) support rail to EN 50 022, and snap fastening in the TS/ES enclosure section using the supplied adaptor.

Additional Specifications

Operating temperature 0 degrees C to +55 degrees C
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* For a more comprehensive selection of accessories, see Catalog 33.

Catalog Page(s)

Handbook 32 (pg. 715)
Catalog: North American Catalog 33 (pg. 476)
Catalog: Industrial Buyers Guide (pg. 265)


Brochure: TopTherm Filter Fans

User Guides

3110000_1.pdf (374 KB) Assembly Instructions
3110000_2.pdf (343 KB) Example wiring diagram

Certifications and Approvals

     CE CE (view document)
     cUL E 203342 (view document)
     UL E 203342 (view document)
     VDE 109360 (view document)


Rittal Drawing Format PDF
3110000_1.dwg (255 KB) Drawing

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